It is strange that the Regulatory Agency for Communications has official launched preliminary measures after the reaction of just one part of the Bosnian public following the Central Newscast of Senad Hadzifezovic on 29 October 2022 on “FACE TV.”

            It is strange simply because the rest of the Bosnian public did not see anything meriting such a reaction, particularly in view of a literal understanding of the facts which was the basis for taking measures and issuing threats about draconian punishments for the TV establishment.

            To hear in the newscast the term “umiri” (“calm down”) and then to interpret this as meaning “ubiti” (“kill”) can only be done by a warped conscience and a manipulative mind, poised in any case to provoke discriminatory reactions in a particular group at which this was aimed.

            Even more dangerous are the final intentions of this transparent denunciation.  This is a method that has long been deployed to destroy any possibility of societal reform, confidence among citizens and the imperative of rational politics.

            One must react today so that the processes of local totalitarianism do not go too far.

Krug 99 (Circle 99)

31 October 2022