Krug 99 – Circle 99 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Summary of Session of 5 November 2023 – 45
              The Israeli army, one of the strongest armies in the world, is committing a massacre in Gaza, the most densely populated region in the world.  Gaza is in fact an open camp that the Zionist state of Israel holds in complete isolation already for several years.  This is a matter of incredible state terror about which the international community is doing nothing.  On the contrary, the most powerful Western governments have strongly supported the constant Zionist shelling of civilians in Gaza, where some 2,300,000 people live in inhuman conditions of poverty and repression.
              In the past month, some 5,000 children have been savagely killed in the bombardments, which is half of all the civilian casualties.  Considering such a high rate of children killed, Israel’s massacre in Gaza can actually be considered the systematic killing of children.  Some high-ranking UN officials have already labeled this massacre as genocide.  All the while others – representing governments that support the brutal aggression – call it “Israel’s legitimate right of self-defense,” thus supporting the constant and indiscriminate shelling of the completely isolated Gaza enclave, where hospitals, schools and refugee camps are being destroyed.
              Powerful international players – to be more precise Great Britain, the U.S. and a large number of EU governments – are legalizing and even encouraging the brazen murdering of thousands of civilians and children.  Such a harsh reality demonstrates the deep conceit behind the saying that history is life’s best teacher.  The reality in general, especially as we see it today in Gaza and before that in Bosnia, is that history is one of life’s teachers.  However, not in the sense that humankind has learned that crimes should not be repeated but rather the exact opposite:  that humankind has learned from history how every succeeding genocide can be greater and crueler.
              It is a mistake to draw an equivalence between Judaism and Zionism.  Israel is a Zionist construction that through its satanic methods and determination is leading our entire world to an abyss.  It is subjecting the Palestinian people to unspeakable suffering and extermination, although there are many Jews, even rabbis, who strenuously oppose Zionist policies.  For a full understanding of the Palestinian tragedy that has been continuing for the past 75 years, including the current cataclysm in Gaza, one should take into account something that many observers have foreseen though others have concealed.  Namely, the majority of Zionists are not Jews but rather British and American fundamentalist evangelicals, some of whom because of their huge media impact are called tele-evangelists.
              It is a harsh fact that the biggest media outlets controlled by tele-evangelists are firing prominent journalists who do not pander to the information apparatus of Israeli propaganda, who draw equivalence between the two sides with the phrase “the war in Gaza,” who use attributes that avoid any historical context, or who provide information about mass protests throughout the world, or who highlight discrimination, elimination and restricting the scope of objective information on social media through “shadow banning,” all of which displaces behind the scenes “unsuitable” content for readers and viewers.
              Jewish Zionists themselves acknowledge that they would be helpless without Christian Zionists, mostly the evangelists.  In the U.S. alone, they number about 50 million, enough to control Congress.  And traditionally they control the Republican Party.  They speak and act openly in such a way that the interests of their “dear Israel” is more important even than the interests of the U.S.  In light of the polarization between Zionist and anti-Zionists Jews, in the end it turns out that Jews are instrumentalized so that the darkest objectives of fundamentalist evangelicals can be realized.  The terrible result is that the final objective of fundamentalist evangelicals is to provoke an Armageddon in the Middle East because – according to biblical prophecies which they believe as dogma – this is the precondition for the appearance of the Messiah.
              In this context, the statement of the newly elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Mike Johnson sounds like a declaration of religious war:  “The special connection between Israel and the U.S. of course supersedes politics and diplomacy … As a Christian, I know and believe that the Bible very clearly teaches us to stand with Israel and that God will bless the nation that blesses Israel.”
              From this standpoint of great strength, for evangelists the annihilation and destruction of Palestine is God’s decree.
              Even if evangelist Zionists do not achieve this cataclysmic objective, they have in any case already caused tremendous damage to mankind.  Specifically, the extermination being conducted in Palestine will strengthen local and global animosity among religious and ethnic communities.  It will motivate extremists on all sides to commit suicide actions and terror against innocent civilians, which in turn will impact on world security in general.  We could be entering a downward spiral of evil out of which, with things having gone so far, it will be difficult to find an exit.  Things have indeed already gone too far.  Especially since world leaders are rejecting a ceasefire and a cessation of the shelling and would rather propose only intermittent pauses in the killing of civilians so that humanitarian assistance can be provided.
              Finally, Zionist Israeli state terror certainly represents an “investment” in the tragic future of the Jewish people themselves, particularly because such cruel and thorough terrorizing, such genocide against the Palestinians, will be remembered by entire coming generations of Arabs and Muslims generally, some of whom will gravitate toward revenge.
              Through these mass crimes, we are witness to the fact that Zionist Israel is actually destroying its own future, as viewed from the long perspective of history.
              We condemn Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel because innocent civilians were killed, as most often happens in terrorist actions.  But Israel’s unproportionate response of revenge against the civilians of Gaza is horrible.
              As far as the Jewish community in Bosnia and Herzegovina is concerned, we draw a very important distinction between Judaism and Zionism.  For this reason, Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina can feel safe.  Bosnjaks have lived together with Jews for hundreds of years in total harmony without incidents of any kind.  Moreover, during World War Two the Bosnjaks protected Jews from fascists.  And, during the more recent aggression in the 1990s against Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnjaks showed a deep consciousness toward the principle of community by saving the “Hagada” as a domestic treasure.  This living together in harmony will be continued in the future.
The introductory speech for the session was given by Academician Esad Durakovic, Member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Academy of Arts and Sciences
  ** Adil Kulenovic, President of “Circle 99” (“Krug 99”)
Association of Independent Intellectuals – Circle 99 (Bosnian: Krug 99), a leading Bosnian think-tank, was established in Sarajevo in 1993, in the midst of the Bosnian war (1992-1995), while the capital was under siege. Circle 99 provides a platform to bring together intellectuals of various professional and ethnic identities; university professors, members of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and other prominent figures from Bosnia and from abroad. Multidisciplinary discussions and initiatives are held each Sunday throughout the academic year, in the form of regular sessions about politics, science, education, culture, economy, and other societal issues. The overall goal is to sensitize the public towards a democratic transformation, achieving and maintaining peace, and integration of modern Bosnia into the community of countries fostering liberal democracy. Circle 99 has been declared an organization of special significance for the city of Sarajevo.